Cool Projects to Make with Epoxy

Learn how to make these resin crafts for home or gifts! These 30+ resin craft ideas are perfect for beginners. Get tips and tricks for success too!

I’ll be honest, I love it when crafts come back around. It’s happened with Mod Podge several times – as you might expect with a product that is over 50 years old. It’s nice when the next generation can enjoy something that I enjoyed as a kid. Annnnddd I just made myself sound really old.

But seriously, I do love old crafting techniques making a resurgence. And the latest to come back is a favorite of mine: epoxy resin. You may have noticed in the craft stores recently the end caps from the different brands with resin, molds, tools, etc.

You may have even seen Mod Podge Resin in the stores. But you also may not have any idea what resin is, or what you can do with it. That’s why I’m excited to share some resin crafts with you today, so you can get started with this awesome trend.

Crafting with Resin

If you’ve never used resin before, I’m going to start with some FAQs about the product as well as what you can do.

If you’re here for the resin crafts, scroll down to the bottom for an awesome list for beginners and beyond. Otherwise, let’s start with some questions to help introduce you to a whole new world of crafting.

What is epoxy resin?

Without getting too science-y, epoxy resin is a two part liquid product that, when mixed together, hardens into a solid, clear surface. It comes in two separate bottles. Typically the bottles are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. The surface that results is waterproof, food safe, and very strong.

Because I get asked this: if you’ve heard of casting resin, it’s a type of epoxy resin. The features of casting resin is that it has low viscosity, making it ideal for things that require a thick pour (like paperweights, encasing items in resin).

Is resin art easy?

Yes. Resin crafts are not hard to make, but you do need to observe all the instructions carefully and wear the appropriate safety gear. Besides that, you’ll be mixing and pouring. My suggestion is to start small and work your way up to projects that use more resin to get a feel for it.

What crafts can you make with resin?

Coasters, frames, keychains, hair accessories, paperweights, tabletops, cutting boards, trays, jewelry, wall art, and more. You’ll see the awesomeness that is resin at the bottom of this post.

Why is resin dangerous?

Because when mixed, a chemical reaction takes place and resin releases fumes when curing. It’s not anything you can see like in chemistry class, but sensitive folks should definitely wear a respirator and eyewear.